Purveyor Stories

We pride ourselves on the partnerships we have developed with food growers, wine and sake producers and generally amazing people that impact Miminashi.  Here are just a small selection of those talented people.


Purveyor | Sake Tengoku

This locally owned sake importer is a partnership between Chef Ken Tominaga (of Hana Restaurant – one of our faves, and Pabu, a partnership between him and Michael Mina), and Julie Bath. They source excellent jizake (smaller production, artisanal sake) from various prefectures throughout Japan; all with an eye toward outstanding quality. Chef Ken has an amazing palate and great relationships with the owners of these kura in Japan, which makes for a really special selection of sake. –Jessica


Purveyor | The Source Imports

As a sommelier, I hope to introduce people to some of the most delicious, interesting and well made wines in the world. As much as I would love to be trekking around the world finding the amazing unknowns, the restaurant is a bit of a tether! This small, locally owned importer is run by extremely knowledgable and passionate wine professionals. They do an amazing job bringing over wines that are small production, mindfully farmed and made, and super gulpable. –Jessica


Purveyor | Paine Farm

We love the flavor of Paine Farm squab and have enjoyed a long friendship with owner Phillip Paine. At the restaurants we get what we think is one of his best products: stock birds. These older birds that have been used for breeding can’t be cooked like a regular pigeon or they’ll turn out tough and very unpleasant. Instead we use them for their rich and developed flavor to create poultry broths that don’t have a comparison amongst traditional chicken-based stocks. We love the idea of helping Phillip get a full utilization of his crop, particularly since it translates to such delicious dishes in the kitchen. –Curtis